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Starting at only $5.99/mo.

Just thought I mention how impressed I am with your website and tools to create the easiest, most impressive site with the least effort. I had done a free trial with Alamode, Myers and Websting and your site out does them all hands down at a fraction of the price.....Thank You...Thank you... Thank you...I WILL be letting others know about it!
Marion Springett - Downtown Realty Group

Reliable Cloud Hosting

Our Web Presence Suite is designed so that you never have to think about the technology under the hood. Our system is hosted in reliable, secure and redundant enterprise-class data centers. When using our service, problems such as SPAM and your website been down will quickly become a thing of the past. While some of our competitors struggle to keep their system available daily, our system is so reliable that even minor hiccups only occur several years apart. All of your files, emails and website content is backed up daily which makes our service durable enough to be used as a primary storage for your mission-critical data.


Website Hosting

Our Web Presence Suite is a hosted cloud solution. Because this solution is fully hosted and managed by us, you never have to worry about patches, updates, security, backup or scalability. There are no limits on data storage and bandwidth. Our system is housed in multiple enterprise-class data centers with a 99.9999% durability and 99.95% availability commitment. 

Data Backup
Our entire system is securely backed up daily so it can easily be used as a primary storage for your mission-critical data. All of your important files and website content is redundantly stored in multiple facilities and on multiple devices within each facility.


File Manager

All plans in our Web Presence Suite includes a File Manager account that allows you to store files and images in the cloud. File Manager does not require FTP or any other file transfer technologies. The File Manager runs on any internet browser and can be accessed directly from your Account Control Panel. You can add a link to files that you upload in the File Manager on your web pages or emails.

Custom domain and email addresses

Your website is hosted with your own custom domain name. You can register your domain name with our service or use your existing domain name from any domain registrar. You can use your custom domain name to create BizzMail Business-Class email accounts. You can also create email aliases using your custom domain name that forward to your existing email address.
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