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Integrated Analytics

Knowing what's going on on your website is very important. Having access to detailed analytic reports that are tailored for your specific business needs is even more important. That's why analytics is deeply integrated into every part of our Web Presence Suite. We use a triple aggregation method that filters data from Google Analytics on the front end, our server logs on the back end and our internal stats database so that you are presented with more detailed and accurate data. Although part of the analytic report is powered by Google Analytics, it does not require you to have a Google account.


Website Statistics
In addition to the integrated analytics data that you can access from the Listing Manager, Website Builder and Contact Manager, we also provide a Website Statistic report. The Website Statistic report provides you with valuable information regarding your web site visitors, page views, referral information and more.

Weekly Activity Report email
Since we know how busy you are, we email you a weekly report which highlights the most important segments of your website activities.

Quality Assurance and Audit
Even with all the analytical data that we provide, sometimes you just need a professional's perspective. We also provide a Website Quality Auditing service, that is designed to test and make recommendations to improve the quality of your website. Audits are performed by highly qualified members of our development and marketing team. We also provide you the option to define your own Quality Assurance guidelines. Audit frequencies are based on the Web Presence Suite plan that you choose. Since audits are performed by real, human professionals, the results and feedback are far more valuable than any machine audit can produce. Learn more.

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