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Jun 9

Creative Ways To Monetize Your Real Estate Website

website as realtor income source

Today's market is highly competitive, and one needs a real estate website to be able to compete fairly in it. When the idea was new, posting property listings was a breakthrough but this is not enough anymore. Because of the fickle nature of real estate, you could haul in big sums one month and make nothing or even some losses in other months. It is necessary to have different sources of income and one of these methods is your website. There are different methods and opportunities to make money through your website, and you can make use of the following creative ways for that.

Contemplate consulting services

If you have been in the industry for a long time and have a good experience, you can consider selling your time to educate relatively new people. You can add the availability of this service to your website by including a tab or a section that advertises it.

If you are going to try consulting, you have to do it in consideration of your own business. For example, avoid local consultations so that you do not give juice to the competition. Other people in other markets are better targeted for this.

Sell ad space

A good place to sell advertisements is a real estate website. You can pitch your website as an advertising platform to different businesses. Most of which might work are home services, furniture, and other things related to buying or selling a home.

You can decide to receive payment according to a flat rate per month or receive increasing rates as the number of visitors to your website increases. For the first option, you are assured of payment no matter what happens. For the second option, you have the satisfaction of increased compensation according to your growth.

Use email lists

You can use very ethical means to build email lists by adding a form on your website. Taking the time and energy to build this will offer flexibility in the future and provide for different options. This list can be used to develop real estate leads.

If you have a considerable size of traffic then building a mailing list will be easier but it is hard work. People need a reason to give away their information.

Try premium content

With some ingenuity, generate premium content for your website alongside free content and make it regular. It can develop membership and pay well. People will pay for access to special posts and webinars.

If you are new to the industry or want a fresh direction or some updates, a good place to start looking is Agent BizzUp. Here you can find all sorts of services ranging from real estate website building and design to hosting and marketing. You will be starting from the perfect platform and be well equipped with all the necessary tools to move in the right direction and make great progress.

For a real estate agent, it is necessary to have different sources of income through creative ways to monetize your real estate website.

Using Your Website To Build Your Real Estate Brand

real estate website build brand

Using Your Website to Build Your Real Estate Brand

If you have a real estate brand, you need to have an online presence. From real estate review websites to home buyers and sellers seeking real estate services in your area, the internet is a hub of communication between agents and clients. Building an optimized website is the first step toward taking control of your online brand, protecting your reputation and connecting with new local clients.

The Importance of a Real Estate Website

The primary reason to have a real estate website is that today’s clients begin their search for homes online. Your website differentiates you as a professional and allows you to direct clients to and from your property listings. A real estate website should contain useful content for potential clients, including listings and market information, as well as an accessible contact portal.

List Syndication

When it comes to selling real estate, visibility is key. Make your properties more visible by cross-posting them to multiple listing websites, increasing the likelihood that they will be seen by the right potential buyers. This strategy is known as list syndication, and it allows you to reach clients no matter which online platform they prefer.

Getting Noticed

Most real estate clients begin their quest to find a real estate professional with a local search. Search engines index locally targeted businesses according to keywords, authority and proximity to the user. You can boost your rankings in these results by having high-quality content on your website that communicates your expertise in your local market and features targeted keywords used organically. This means finding out the terms your clients are using to search for real estate information and using them naturally on your social media, blog and webpages.

The First Impression

Most people come to a decision about working with a brand within 6 to 10 seconds of landing on its website. Your website should be designed to hold the attention of your visitors and help convert them into clients through seamless navigation, consistent branding, valuable online services, and an intuitive contact form. Agent BizzUp can help you accomplish these goals through marketing assistance and streamlined web design. Your website is your online platform, and a great website grabs the potential client’s attention and establishes you as an expert in your field.

The real estate market is competitive, but you can get ahead of the competition in your area with a locally targeted website and by using these tips to maximize conversions.
May 25

Developers Are Learning How To Invest In Local Cities While Developing Real Estate Opportunities There

Developing Real Estate Opportunities

It's Not Where You're From - It's Where You're At

In today's real estate marketplace, it is extremely important to understand the places that potential clients come from. What do they want to see in the communities in which they choose to live?  It may be greater access to green grocers, schools, the arts, or greener and cleaner parks. The list can go on and on.

Improving the community is of particular importance for clients who may want to move to an urban area or stay in their present urban area. Realtors need to be aware that some markets lack access to better amenities due to location.

Agent BizzUp understands what the needs of the real estate professional are. That's how great relationships are created, and that's how great relationships last. The same principle is salient in the relationship between the realtor and his or her client. The website that the realtor puts forward is critical to how they will build their web presence. Realtors should let the clients know that community investment is an important feature of their business. In turn, it is an important feature of the listings that are shown to clients. 

Community Investment

Clients may actually question this aspect of a potential purchase. Realtors should be prepared for questions from their clients regarding the developers' community investment. This may be part and parcel of their decision to purchase a particular property, condo, or cooperative apartment. 

One Story of a Baltimore, MD Developers Community Investment

There were many abandoned homes in Oliver due to poverty, drugs and all of the things that go along with those blights. However, this developer saw the purchase price of his homes increase from $140,000 to $210,000 in the space of a few years. Now residents are saying they feel good about the changes they see.

Many people are making the decision to return to Oliver. There is more communication between the police force and the community residents due to social interactions (including happy hours for adult residents of the area and officers) fostered by the development corporation. The head of the company has hired the person he sold his first home to as a consultant on what deals are in the best interest of Oliver.

Realtors Be Aware of Importance of Community Investment.
Nov 29

Introducing Our New Sophisticated Design Theme With Video Background Header!

sophisticated theme

This new theme is sleek and sophisticated. It takes advantage of modern technologies to provide an ultra-modern and highly customizable look and feel.

This is the first theme in our new Designer series. Themes in this series include video background header and jumbo image header options. For a bolder landing page, you can now also make the header on your home page different than the rest of your website.

This new theme is sleek and sophisticated. It takes advantage of modern technologies to provide an ultra-modern and highly customizable look and feel.
Sep 10

Whose Ready To Blog? Built-in Blogging Comes To Agent BizzUp

new blogging platform

Blogging has become an absolute marketing must-do to drive traffic, improve your SEO and credibility and, ultimately, increase your leads. In fact, we’ve found that Agent BizzUp clients who blog bring in more leads than those who don’t. For many years, our members have used third-party blogging platforms for their blog and simply hyperlink their Agent BizzUp website to their blog. But this created a scenario that didn't help much with SEO and made it difficult to manage their blog in a completely different system.

That’s why we're very happy to announce that blogging for your Agent BizzUp website just got super easy thanks to our new built-in blog. It’s streamlined and easy to use while giving you all the tools to create and publish great content and boost your traffic and sales. And because our new built-in blogging platform utilizes Wordpress, many of our members will already be familiar with parts of the interface.

Seamless integration

Since your blog is built directly into your website, the layout and style fits perfectly with the rest of your website design and content. And you don’t have to deal with managing multiple domain names and login details for your website and blog, as all management is accessible in our Account Control Panel.

We're excited about this new feature as it help us take another step further in accomplishing our goal - to provide real estate professionals with an inexpensive, fun and easy to use platform to manage their entire web presence (not just their website). 

We're very happy to announce that blogging for your Agent BizzUp website just got super easy thanks to our new built-in blog.
Jul 29

Building Your Brand Blog By Blog

blog by blog

When you are writing a blog, it's important to understand the reasons why people are visiting your blog in the first place. When you are a Realtor, clients are going to your blog to learn more about real estate trends, options for mortgages in their area, and they are looking to see more about the type of person that you are. With the competitiveness of the real estate market, it's important to shape your blog so that you stand out among the rest.

Showcase Your Expertise

The best place to talk about what you know is on your blog. If you have expertise in a certain area, say you are very familiar with short sales, you should be creating posts that discuss this topic. You should be showing your passion for the field, and while you want to keep your posts light, they should also contain plenty of information for your potential clients to think about.

Talk About Real Estate Trends in Your Area

People want to know about the real estate trends in areas they are looking to buy or sell. Do your research, and come up with blog posts that discuss current trends for your real estate market. While you can compare the trends nationwide vs. those in your area, try to keep your information as local as possible. People want to know that you understand the local market, and they are more likely to hire you as a Realtor if they have confidence that you have direct knowledge about the local area.

Write a Few Posts About Your Personal Interests

Writing about your personal life can be a sticky situation for some people. Blog posts that discuss your personal interests don't have to include the most intimate details of your life. If you want to talk about your children, fine, but you don't have to put up their names, pictures, or ages on your blog. You can talk about your personal interests without going too deep into the discussion. Let potential clients know that you are a real person, what you enjoy in your spare time, and what you love about the area.

As you work on building up your brand through your blog, remember that customers want to read content that is either informative or entertaining. You can keep posts light by keeping out specific details, but make sure you are always showcasing your strengths as a Realtor.

How to shape your blog, allow customers to get to know the real you, provide solid real estate advice, and talk about current trends. A mix of personal/advice/trends.
Jun 6

How The Exodus Of Millennial Parents To The Suburbs Will Shape The Market In 2016

parents move out

A generation that has long since been unfairly labeled as immature and dependent by their elders, Millennials are certainly not portrayed as the most family-oriented demographic. Indeed, as a generation that is putting off things such as starting a family or even moving out of the home, Millennials are considered the proverbial late bloomers in the adult world at large. Nevertheless, although it may not seem like a priority, most Millennials are seeking to provide the same stable upbringing for their children in terms of school districts and neighborhoods as their parents did for them. However, given that this generation seems to be waiting much longer to have children, they are also seeking the very best in terms of housing and school district when it comes to raising their future offspring. This will obviously affect the real estate market in a number of ways. 

The Exodus 

In short, most Millennials do plan to have a family at some point. Although city living is all the rage among this age group, this is only because they are enjoying their lives before they have children. Most Millennials plan to have families and plan to raise them in a suburban setting. In fact, according to a Census study conducted in 2015, 529,000 Americans aged 25-29 moved from the cities out to the suburbs in 2014 with only 426,000 moving in the other direction. Moreover, these trends were even more surprising for younger Millennials. 721,000 moved out of the city, compared to a mere 554,000 who moved in. These numbers are said to have remained the same with a trend towards growth in 2015. In fact, one survey asserted that 6 out of 10 plan to live in the suburbs just 5 years from now. 

What does this Mean? 

In a nutshell, it seems that there will soon be a lot more real estate available for people to rent or purchase in cities as Millennials will be making their way towards the suburbs. Such a move would likely create a high demand for suburban real estate and raise property values. This could also mean that older generations may begin to venture inward in an effort to find some escape from the Millennial hoopla, or maybe, older and younger generations will finally learn to live in harmony. Only time will tell for sure. 

Millennials, though, not portrayed as the most family-oriented demographic, are seeking to provide the same stable upbringing for their children in terms of school districts and neighborhoods as their parents did for them. But how will their move to the suburbs affect the real estate market.
Apr 1

Five Tips For Online Real Estate Marketing

Tips For Online Real Estate Marketing

As more home buyers and sellers take to online listings and social media, a successful online marketing campaign is more important for real estate professionals now than it ever has been.

Agent BizzUp specializes in creating comprehensive online campaigns that build your brand and generate new leads every day. Read on for the top five online real estate marketing strategies that can generate more business for you.

Social Media

Working with a professional marketing service like Agent BizzUp to build your web presence while simultaneously engaging social media is the key to reaching a wider audience. Metrics on social media platforms such as Facebook give you unique insight into your target audience, from demographic information to their online habits.

By engaging with potential clients on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, you can improve your brand recognition and focus on advertising to those who are already active in the housing market.

Digital Listings

Digital listings are a great way to turn visitors to your website into clients. Home buyers and apartment hunters are increasingly drawn to online property listings. From video walkthroughs to a gallery of high-quality photos, digital listings help potential buyers envision themselves in the properties you list and increase the likelihood that they will want to visit in person.

Web Design

Your website should be a portal to all of the services you offer. Research shows that consumers decide whether to engage with a brand within seconds of landing on the homepage, so make every second count with a streamlined website that sells.

Agent BizzUp will work with you to create a website that showcases your properties, makes key information immediately accessible, and encourages visitors to take that next step to engage with you through compelling calls to action.


Once you have generated new leads through your active social media profiles and streamlined website, you should follow up with leads through email and other outreach strategies. Online seminars are a great way to reach out to potential buyers in your area who have already expressed interest in a new home.

Contact Management

Getting new leads is only part of the equation for a successful online marketing strategy. Agent BizzUp's Contact Manager service helps you keep track of all of your contacts, new and old. This helps you grow existing relationships while forming new ones, and makes you even more accessible to potential clients.

Each of these online marketing strategies is designed to promote your brand in a more efficient way. Contact Agent BizzUp today for professional guidance and services that reduce the amount of effort you have to put into promoting your real estate business while maximizing your conversion rates.

In this article, we discuss five practical strategies for getting the word out there about a real estate professional's services. From managing relevant social media pages to creating video walkthroughs of listings that help buyers visualize themselves in a property.
Feb 25

Introducing "Listing View Limit" And More...

Listing View Limit

Too many visitors using your website to "window-shop"?

Now you can require your website visitors to sign up after viewing a specified number of listings. You have complete control over the number of "teaser" listings visitors can view before they are required to signup or login. This also serves as a helper for visitors who intend to signup but may forget to do so. Since members on your website receive many benefits after signing up, qualified visitors to your website will have many reason to appreciate this requirement.

Some of the benefits your website visitors receive after signing up include:

  • Your assistance in helping them locate the perfect property.
  • Option to save properties, that they are interested in, directly in their account.
  • Option to save and receive alerts for their search results.

How to activate this feature

To activate this feature on your website:

  1. Login to your account and navigate to the "Listings >> Listings Preferences" page.
  2. On the Listings Defaults And Preferences page, enter a number for "teaser" listings in the Lead Capture field.
  3. Click the "Save" button at the bottom to save your listings defaults and preferences.


More Listings Defaults And Preferences options

In addition to this new feature, we've also added many new options for Listings Defaults And Preferences. You can now choose default Layout, Map, Sort and more. Also, a new option has been added to display larger thumbnail photos on listings List Pages. We took many feedback and suggestions from our members to roll out these new features that gives you even more control of your web presence.

New feature to require your website visitors to sign up after viewing a specified number of listings. You have complete control over the number of "teaser" listings visitors can view before they are required to signup or login.
Feb 1

4 Ways To Write Listings That Sell

4 Ways To Write Listings That Sell

In an era of seemingly unlimited digital distractions and quickly shrinking attention spans, how can real estate agents write listings that capture prospects’ imagination? Photos are critical for making one ad stand out from the next, but the right words can persuade prospective buyers to notice an ad in the first place and then to take the next step — driving by a property or, better yet, reaching out to an agent.

How can real estate agents ensure that the words in their listings pack the right amount of punch?

1. Know what to highlight

Listings should focus on the property’s most important features, including square footage, number of bedrooms and baths, lot size, quality of the neighborhood and, most importantly, schools. In addition, buyers will want to know about a garage, distinguishing features like scenic views, recent renovations and extras like fireplaces and decks.

2. Use effective words (and avoid the clunkers)

Some words can compel prospective buyers to take action, while others may have the opposite effect. The problem, often, is knowing which is which. One study of real estate listings revealed some words that work, including: curb appeal, gourmet, granite, maple and fixer upper. Especially effective was “beautiful,” which appeared to help homes sell more quickly.

At the other end of the spectrum, words that did not help with selling a home included: motivated, value, must sell, clean and vacant.

3. Tell a story

Ads that imagine how buyers might use a home’s unique features can help to make a sale. For example, rather than simply stating that a home has a gourmet kitchen, an effective ad might set the scene of entertaining friends around the granite-topped bar in a spacious home with plenty of natural light.

4. Get the headline right

An attention-seizing headline can mean the difference between a buyer clicking on a specific ad or surfing right past it. In many cases, the headline is the first and only chance of persuading a buyer to take a closer look, and every word should count. While exaggeration or flat-out dishonesty won’t work, humor and highly descriptive words can help listings stand out from the crowd.

The value of a compelling listing

While real estate agents can’t control a home’s location, size or core features, they can write the most compelling listing possible. By highlighting the right features, choosing words carefully, creating a relatable story and crafting an alluring headline, agents can significantly increase the chances that buyers will take a closer look.

A potential home buyer decides in a split second whether to click on a specific real estate listing or keep browsing. These four tips can help agents create ads with impact.
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